Spring Semester Ensemble

With the close of the fall season of Marching Band, the Drumline continues to perform and prepare for the upcoming seasons through the Winterline ensemble. Comprised of both the Battery and Front Ensemble, Winterline rehearses once a week with occasional weekend camps focusing on developing techniques, offering opportunities to those interested in trying new instruments, and application of skills through exercises and show music. The season includes performances at Gampel Pavilion and the XL Center in Hartford, as well as at UConn Football’s annual Spring Game in April.

Recently the group has focused on moving from basic techniques to focusing on exercises and music that would be used in the upcoming fall semesters, getting a head start on the next season. Winter Drumline is open to anyone that is interested, regardless of past experience. Under the direction of Marvin McNeill, Chris Horvat, and Marco Cancellieri the Drumline has taken the next step and implemented show movements to go along with their music and plans to compete on the exhibition level of winterguard shows, with the long range goal of competing in WGI.

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